Links to Help for Concerns About Student Learning

Often we are frustrated by our children's apparent lack of motivation when in actuality, they are struggling with a undiagnosed issue that is making it almost impossible to succeed.  Here is partial listing of signs and symptoms of which you may want to be aware as you observe your child's performance.

Tuition Payments

All payments this year are to be made through SMART Tuition.  Most of you are already signed up and ready to go.  You already know that you can make your payments in several ways and at several locations.  If you haven't signed up yet, you can get started here.


Home & School

Home and School

Explore how you can help your school! Be sure to take part in all the Home and School events. You will not want to miss out!


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Snapshots of ACA

Check back often to see new pictures of the students at ACA.


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