Aug, 02, 2017

Cathy Carlton






 Laughing  August 10 is the first day of school.  

Here are your supply lists.  There is a list for kindergarten students and another list for first and second graders.  

                              I will see you soon! 


School Supply Lists

Supply List for Grades One and Two                                      


All first and second grade students should bring:


  • ten  glue sticks
  • markers for coloring
  • primary Journal $3.00*
  • sharpened Pencils
  • Highlighter Markers (4 in a package) *$3
  • one box of tissues
  • a water bottle
  • a package of plastic forks and a package of plastic spoons
  • a book bag
  • a lunch to eat at school


First graders and second graders who are new to ACA should also bring:


  • headphones with volume control ($10* at Lakeshore. These are very good.)
  • one 1-inch White Binder with clear view pockets on front and back $2*
  • an International Children’s Bible *$12—We want to all use the same translation.  This Bible can be ordered at christianbook.com.  This is a very good translation for beginning readers.  This Bible will be used by your child for grades 1-4 at ACA.


*price estimates


Students who were in first grade last year may bring back their white notebooks that we used for a portfolio, so we can add more pages this year.  Also bring your red Bible.  You headphones are in the classroom.



Supply List for Kindergarten


Kindergarten students should bring:


  • one box of tissues
  • one package of spoons and one package of forks
  • white paper plates (no styrofoam, please)
  • a water bottle
  • a book bag
  • a change of clothes to leave at school, just in case
  • a small pillow and blanket for rest time
  • a lunch to eat at school  (foods may be heated in the microwave at lunch)
  • an afternoon snack, if you wish (no candy or no food to be heated in the microwave  at snack time)



All art, writing, and learning materials will be provided for kindergarten students.



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