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“My children just started attending the academy this year & I am happy with all the knowledge they’re receiving (biblical & educational.) They tell me each day how much they like their school. I love the fact that the school is small & intimate so that I could get to know the parents and staff. They also offer scholarships which is very helpful for the parents who are in need of it. Nothing beats having your child in an environment where the morals being instilled at home are also being taught & valued at the school.”
– D. Smith
“My kids are both very excited over the science that is going on this week at school. Thank you for that!”
– Rebecca Sorrells
“Adventist Christian Education is important to me especially during my children’s primary years of education because it reinforces the beliefs and core values my husband and I are teaching them. It is truly a blessing to be able to learn from the same individuals you worship with on Sabbath. My son Elijah and daughter both came from the public school system before they attended ACA, and I can truly see a difference in their temperament, and also their interaction with their peers. Before my son was stressed because he felt the need to compete and my daughter was lost or “left behind” in her pre-k center not interacting with her peers and avoiding her teachers. After a year at ACA (Adventist Education) they both blossomed and started to love school. Xaria, my kindergartener became the prayer warrior of the household and at school she made friends and felt at home with Mrs. Lehman and Ms. Burrels. Elijah, my second grader learned that school was about his individual progress and that God gave everyone different gifts and abilities so as Christians we work as a team and not compete against each other. Needless to say weekday mornings were much more pleasant in the Clark household. Most of all I love that “Jesus in my heart” is the main focus in my children’s education, and they are learning the truth about salvation in an Adventist school.”
– Renee Belgrave-Clark
“My children are new to ACA this year and they were worried over the summer about making friends. The first day of school was wonderful because from that day forward they felt welcome! Our family is blessed by the loving support we feel from teachers, staff and other parents at ACA.”
– Cielo Poloche
“My three children are the third generation of family members in an extended group of individuals that represent approximately 512 years of Adventist education from Kindergarten through graduate school. They are doctors, nurses, teachers, business professionals, and ministers among many other vocations. All of them were able to reach the pinnacle of their professions based on the education they received from schools just like ACA.”
– Fred Armstrong
“Students in U.S. Adventist schools perform a half-grade-level better than the national average. And the longer they attend, the greater their success”
– CognitiveGenesis
“Our family has been involved with ACA for four years and during that time we have seen a tremendous growth in our sons spiritual walk with God. The teachers and staff have helped him understand and witness Jesus's love first hand by watching their commitment to the students and their parents. ACA is our only choice of a great school for our children.”
– Eva Germain

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